Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Native culture

The movie Powow Highway  showed contemporary native American culture in a negative light. The characters that are respected, like Buddy, are violent and do not represent the old way of life that they are clinging to.  Philbert is looked down upon because he is overweight, yet he strives to do things the 'old way.' I enjoyed the humor that was added into the plot through Buddy's conflict with the old way of life. He has been so hurt because of the discrimination he has faced that he seems to have pride in being an Indian, but not in practicing rituals or traditions. Philbert's respect for the old ways leads him down the right path, which makes it seem like despite all the problems he faced he still has a part of him that can get it right because he has been taught the old ways. instead of focusing on the problems with society today this movie focuses on the problem of Indians losing their heritage and going their own ways.  I think that this message made the movie popular because it celebrated being an Indian, and appreciated the heritage along with prompting Indians to become better and return to their roots.

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