Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Powow Highway

The movie "Powow Highway" was definitely intended for a Native audience to enjoy.  This movie was very empowering for any person, and the fact that the characters in it were Native makes it very inspiring for that audience.  At the beginning, drugs are found in Bonnie's vehicle.  This is another stereotype seen in Native films:  that all Native Americans do are drugs and that they are bad people.  However, after this event happens, Buddy and Philbert travel in Philbert's "pony" to try to bust Bonnie out of jail.  This makes everyone watching this feel good because it is pretty much understood that it wasn't Bonnie's drugs found in her vehicle.  Probably the most inspiring person in this movie was Philbert.  He was the typical spiritual one who was following the path of his ancestors in a 20th century world.  He thought before he spoke and told many stories, and of course dubbed his beaten-down vehicle "Pony."  He appears to be the "dumb" one of the two men.  Buddy seems to have to take control of situations, yet it is Philbert in the end who has the courageous plan that breaks Bonnie out of jail.  Attaching a rope to the bars on bonnie's cell and using his spiritual beliefs and trusty Pony, Philbert frees her.  At the end, it is believed that Philbert is dead, and everyone is extremely sad because he was truly the hero of the day.  However, when Philbert turns out to again escape fate and come out of the car fire alive, all is extremely upbeat and happy and this is truly the climactic point of the whole movie.  All of them escape the police and this is truly the happiest point in the movie for the characters in it as well as the audience as a whole.

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