Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Powwow Highway

The movie Powwow Highway was an interesting perspective on Native American culture. For example, the movie presents itself to appeal mainly to a Natvie American audiences versus a white audience. Some evidence that supports this idea is the fact that the whole movie revolvs around two Native American men, Philbert and Buddy, who do not follow what society expects from them. Buddy is a rebellious, former soldier who seems angry at the world. Philbert is in search of his roots, trying desperately to become a "warrior" or a medicine man. This film overall, seems to "stick it to" the white man. One example of this is through Buddy's sister, Bonnie's, wrongful imprisonment. It made it seem as though she was set up by the white cops, who were rude to her and the people who tried to help her. It definately seems to demonize the white men, making them seem insentive and corrupt. Another way the movie portrats the Natives as the heroes and the white men as the antogaonists is by having Buddy and Philbert break Bonnie out of prison. Not only did they steal tons of money, break Bonnie out of jail, and outsmart the police, but they also got away with it, making them smooth, cool heroes.

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